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Triplex Machines

Triplex is a retro FM synthesizer with highly specialized macro controls that makes it easy to set up without any tedious programming. Triplex Machines come in three flavors: Classic, Kicker and Snapper.

  • Triplex Classic:
    Classic FM synth playable like a subtractive synth! Comes with macro controls over harmonic, frequency modulation, bit-/phase reduction, attack, decay/release and sustain.
  • Triplex Kicker:
    FM synth specialized in kick and tom sounds with macro controls over stiffness, impact, filter, attack, tail and body.
  • Triplex Snapper:
    FM synth specialized in hihat and snare sounds with macro controls over detune, surface, rattle, attack, decay and sustain.

All three machines also come with an integrated overdrive, a toggle to reset the phase, up to 8 voices of polyphony and a output volume control.

Runs with Ableton Live 11 on 64bit Mac (Intel/Apple Silicon) or Windows systems.

Sound Samples

a) Triplex Classic Bass
b) Triplex Classic Chords
c) Triplex Classic Bells
d) Triplex Kicker Kicks
e) Triplex Kicker Distorted Kicks
f) Triplex Kicker Toms
g) Triplex Snapper Hats
h) Triplex Snapper Snares