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Triplex Snapper (Demo)Picture

Triplex Snapper (Demo)

Triplex Snapper is a percussive synthesizer VST3 plugin made especially to produce sounds like snare drums, wooden blocks, metal plates, hihats, crashes and all the in-betweens, while using the same crunchy, yet punchy retro FM synthesizer engine known from Triplex Classic and Triplex Kicker.

The 6 macro controls have been set up in a way to easily morph between different shapes and materials:

  • With "surface" you control the stiffness of the material.
  • "Detune" lets you tune the second drumhead/cymbal against the fundamental.
  • And with "blend" you can mix between the pure drumhead sound and the drum wire or cymbal sounds.

The envelope can then be manipulated with the attack, combined decay/release and sustain controls. To top it off you can of course bend the drum in impossible ways with the integrated LFO.

To get the full version, go to the Triplex Snapper page.