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DmmG is a digital multi-mode gate audio effect for Ableton Live 11. A logarithmic A/D envelope can be triggered with an external MIDI track to open the integrated VCA and VCF, making it possible to play the audio track like a subtractive synthesizer. Other applications of such a modular building block are advanced sound design or audio repair.

DmmG was inspired by Vactrol filters/VCAs for modular synthesizers which are known for their natural and fluid character. While this device makes no effort in being an modeled analog effect, great efforts were taken to fine-tune the envelope curves and to select a filter design with loads of character.

There's also an advanced version with more features called DmmG Pro.


  • Digital multi-mode gate audio effect with highpass and lowpass filters
  • Velocity sensitive A/D envelope with logarithmic response
  • Selectable external MIDI track to trigger the integrated evelope

System Requirements:

  • Mac or Windows System with Ableton Live 11
0+ €