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Atomizer (Demo)

Inspired by a famous 8-Bit distortion guitar pedal, Atomizer builds upon the idea of using lookup tables for waveshaping. The input signal is converted to 8-Bit and then remapped to the selected wave resulting in rich and complex distortion. The wavetable itself is organized in an 8x8 matrix making it possible to seamlessly scan through the waves with the XY control or the integrated LFO, resulting in morphing waves reminiscent of wavetable synthesizers.
Besides normal stereo operation, Atomizer is also capable to turn mono into stereo signals by introducing a small offset in the selected wavetable between the left and right channels.

Atomizer comes prepackaged with a selection of wavetables. More can be found on www.waveeditonline.com. While it is designed to work with banks of 64 waveforms with a wave length of 256, any sample can be loaded into the device but will be truncated to one channel and 16384 samples.

Here you can find the full version of Atomizer.


  • Wavetable Waveshaper supporting banks of 64 waveforms with a wave length of 256
  • XY Control or LFO to scan through wavetables
  • Seamless morphing between waves
  • LFO with 6 shapes (sine, triangle, ramp up, ramp down, rectangle, random), phase control and beat sync
  • Stereo spread control
  • Low pass filter to tame high frequency content
  • Gain, Dry/Wet and Volume controls